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My First... set of new Tyres

  1. Winter is still with us, but the warmish and sunny weekends have had my bike begging to head out...

    So, I rugged up again... only looking much more like a marshmallow this time... and headed out...
    Everything was going well, I was warm and traffic was hardly worth noticing..

    I was taking it easy, as I do, so wasn't really expecting anything to happen when the lights told me to stop.
    But what the heck!... I found myself slipping and sliding before finally coming to a stop.

    Yikes!... little worried, I know it can get a little slippery when everything is cold, but it felt like so much more... like my tyres were sliding without any grip at all...

    Found a place I could stop and re-checked those little suckers out.. Seems new tyres are needed.. the tread was okay, but the rubber was rock hard, no change even warmed up.... double yikes... I was super careful on the ride home....

    And today, after another slippery sliderly ride to the shop, I got my first set of new tyres - really like hitting these kind of milestones...

    Now to wear them in... I've been advised that I've gotta get the 'wax' off them... guess that means more riding for me this weekend....

    The things we do :)
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  1. Valvoline
    There's just something spesh when you put new rubbers on & you have to scrub them in... Enjoy! :)
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