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My First Road "Off"

  1. 2013 - Sunday, 19th May :eek: Had my first "off".

    I was really enjoying the ride towards Dartmouth; starting to push myself a little harder & got the adrenalin pumping. One of the guys pulled in to the Lookout on Lockhart Gap Rd; hubby was behind me & we had intercoms, so I told him I'd keep going & they could catch up.

    Shortly after, trying to negotiate a RH bend, went a little wide on "the bend with a bad camber" - so the cop told me later... and that was it, low-sided... all over red rover ! Along the bitumen for about 3m, then down the embankment with a thud.

    Mark heard me go, but they must've passed by & couldn't see me from the road. He had about 15mins or so of sheer hell trying to locate me, before we were reunited; and only headed back my way because the intercom cut out of range.

    I don't know how, but managed to "walk" away. All parts appeared to be still in the right place; the bike had bits everywhere in the scrub, so we didn't retrieve all of it. Thank goodness I had the right gear on. My new helmet (first and only outing); jacket, pants & gloves are a write-off. Off to hospital by ambo - they were fantastic. No immediate signs of breaks/fractures, but suggested I get more scans later in the week - just to make sure.

    It's now day 4 post-crash: and really feeling the pain; swelling is starting to go down; headache is nearly unbearable; & the body is letting me know exactly what I did to it. Off to the GP for a post-crash checkup today.

    Insurance assessor coming early next week... so should have a verdict sometime soon.

    The Doc sent me for more scans - verdict: 2 cracked ribs on the right, and heavily bruised one on the left; both knees stuffed (technical term) with softened knee pads & possible ACL reconstruction needed; left ankle very sore & black.

    Assessor: took one look and said "It's a write-off" :(


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  1. Shiralee
    2013 - Saturday 12th October: New bike ordered; new helmet ordered; one very happy person (y)

    New jacket arrived a couple of weeks ago; new pants on their way.... now to get some winter gloves to replace the wrecked ones.

    Back on track pretty soon :D
  2. Shiralee
    Well, I did it.... got back on a bike for the first time today. Borrowed my hubby's bike and took it for a spin around the neighbourhood. It wasn't a big ride, but it's given me enough confidence to start thinking about a replacement bike. :D Still healing, got a bit more work to do on the right knee and ankle, but getting better.
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