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Mt Oberon Friday's frivolities

By Valvoline, May 21, 2016 | Updated: Sep 8, 2016 | |
  1. As my days become numbered in Melbourne there was one place that everyone was telling me that I should tick off my bucket list - Wilsons Prom. Due to some unusually un-rainy weather I packed the bike and took off for an overnighter down towards the Prom and southern Gippsland areas.

    Friday I took my time fluffing about the southern coast, taking in every nook & cranny to see what was around. I then got to the point and took every coastal road possible to get to Yanakie.

    It was a relatively nice day until getting to Yanakie where it just seemed to want to tease me by hiding the entire Prom under cloud and drizzle. As the rain (wtf! weather man stated no showers!) rolled in, I took refuge under the only picnic hut available and waited for NosohNosoh to rock up after escaping work early.

    View attachment 53949 View attachment 53950 View attachment 53948

    With only 2 hours left before sun down & once NosohNosoh joined the posse, we took off to the Prom and decided to climb Mt Oberon.... Needless to say it will be remembered for a long while since climbing a steep Mt in riding gear is not the world's most comfortable! However, we just managed to summit it (on foot for once) a few mins before sunset.
    View attachment 53952 View attachment 53953 View attachment 53954

    The view was spectacular!!! Well worth it... however the fun then came walking back down the mt a few kms, back to the bikes and then to the accommodation about an hour away. Trying to find it on gravel roads in the dark certainly made for interesting backdrop. Thank god for the full moon providing some light along the way...

    View attachment 53962
    After a home cooked hearty meal, heated accommodation and rejuvenating hot showers, the night-cold, hunger and tiredness were forgotten. Completely pooped, made plans for an early start to go back to the prom to really be able to see the rest.
    Happy days!
    Untitled-23 copy.
    Friday's route: https://www.google.com.au/maps/dir/...a430a06200!2m2!1d145.8233789!2d-38.432019!3e0

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