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Mt Buffalo & (mucho!) Mitta Mitta!

  1. Woke up gloriously in a 25C room and then proceeded to get a slap in the face by 9C at Mt Buffalo leaving my accom. :nailbiting: The fog was so thick & drenching I camped out in a cafe until about 10am hoping the fog would lift enough for me to see summits.

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    Eventually I had to make a move otherswise I would be stuck in the mts (which is not necessarily a bad thing...;)). Took off up to check out what the fuss was about Mt Buffalo. They told me this place has received so much rain the weeks before there were waterfalls over the edge of the road - which scenery wise would be fabulous but not on a motorbike...

    Climbing was a breeze & the road surface condition was great :) There were however quite a few areas of debris & veg on the road dumped from last week's storms.

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    Given all the minor set backs and thick fog which didn't let me see the proper lookouts, I fell in love <3. Although there is only about 30-40kms of the road up to the chalet, you will want to go slower just to take the magic & beauty in (in EVERY corner). I would have loved to spend longer there but time was pressing me on.

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    By the time I set off Bright with my gear it was lunch time. But skipped that and pushed on to Omeo. I was incredibly lucky to find two random Moto riders that seemed to be locals and meant business. I was pushing my lawnmower to its climbing limits as they put the hammer down. Every straight they'd leave me behind, every set of corners I would feel them in and sit on their tail. And they I stayed for dear life as the clouds rolled in and fog so think and windy it would push the bike sideways! Uugh 5m viz and could barely see the brake lights of the bike close by. Scary stuff!!:nailbiting::nailbiting:

    What seemed like the summit would never end, the downhill whizzed by in only a couple of minutes once the sun broke and the clouds dissipated. Made Omeo in record time!

    After fuel, food & a than you prayer for surviving the summit, my sights were on the Omeo hwy to Mitta Mitta...what was this piece of road that's so special? The one Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike keeps riding & trying to rally troops to do the 1000 mitta mitta loop??

    From the Falls Gap turn off, not a person on the road! The corners tightened & came one after another, & another, & another &.... :geek::shy: In the end the only thing that beat me was needing to stop for a 'comfort' stop at some random picnic area.
    View attachment 53121
    I think the Omeo hwy quite easily rivals (if not, beats) Putty Rd in the fun factor.
    The isolation, the nature and the lack of patrols certainly make it score higher points!! :woot:
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    Fave item of the day: The big Peter, Peter pumpkin eater stand at Eskdale
    View attachment 53125

    By the time I hit Mitta Mitta I knew trying to get to Melbs was going to be a write off; so found some quick & relatively cheap accom in Beechworth. Heater doesn't work...

    If I don't blog tomorrow, I've frozen to death. Let's see how I survive the night lol

    Approx ride: https://www.google.com.au/maps/dir/...430a04be0!2m2!1d146.6872665!2d-36.3592906!3e0

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    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)
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  1. kate
    Absolutely breathtaking as always. I can't wait to do something like this myself. Hope you manage to stay warm tonight!
  2. chilliman64
    great write-up & pics and terrific ride