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Mt (Brrrrrrr) Buller

  1. I'm finally getting the hang of last minute decisions on where to go riding next.;)

    Due to a predicted spattering of 2 days good Melb weather; I loaded the bike & off I went - Mt Buller was on my 'to do' list. :rolleyes:

    Left melbs round 6am as not to get caught up in peak hour. Before I knew it, I was past Marysville and well on my way to Eildon (lakes) for my first stop. Breakky by the glassy lake. Gorgeous! These are the times I would love a REAL camera!! :sorry:
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    I had heard mixed reviews of Eildon-Jamieson Rd; after finally having ridden it, jury is still out on this road; where there are more roos than cars... Nicest part was literally cutting fog as you rode near the top :joyful: Def cool effect.
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    A little icicled by the end of this road, the obligatory warm up stop was needed wrapping my hands round a hot drink while pondering where next:

    The clouds were looking a bit ominous but the weather report stated Mt Buller was clear - so off I went .... But The report LIED!! :yuck: Thus making the last part (which I assume would be the funnest/ nicest) simply uncomfortable. No sights were seen at the top or much photo opportunities due to the drizzle, fog and rain. (n)
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    My hands were aching just for stopping to take a photo!

    On the way down however the weather opened up and some sunshine came up :happy:
    View attachment 53018 View attachment 53020
    Providing for some nice photo opportunities.
    View attachment 53021

    The crappy summit was made up by the fact that I had a pleasant surprise of an ugly, but big looking ski God totem pole sculpture. Another to add to my list... :woot:
    View attachment 53019

    Time ticked on so pressed on towards Bright. Mansfield to Whitfield was surprisingly enjoyable riding... Can't be said for the straigh boring straights between Whitfield, Oxley through to Myrtleford. Pls shoot me!

    So it made the arrival sights and colors of Mt Buffalo / Porepunkah / Bright the more flavoursome!! What a gorgeous color pastel skies!!
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    Can't wait for tomorrow's summit to Buffalo!

    Approx route: https://www.google.com.au/maps/dir/...430a04d30!2m2!1d146.9608956!2d-36.7301986!3e0

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