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Melbourne's Mt "trifector"

  1. Today, a beautiful crisp day seems to have brought the Melbs bikers out of hibernation. I was no different. :playful:

    View attachment 52757
    View attachment 52765
    Managed to bump into a rarely seen, mountain dwelling, generally solitary, photo-creative creature called NosohNosoh ! :woot:

    View attachment 52758

    No time was wasted in taking off up a mountain (Lake Mountain) and playing not just with corners, but also cameras...
    The results were fun. :snaphappy::LOL:
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    View attachment 52762
    Not being content, a 2nd mountain was sought out and climbed (Mount Donna Buang).

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    View attachment 52759

    STILL not content, the trifector was completed by climbing Mt Baw Baw, through gravel sections, wet regions, and copious amounts of stringy bark thrown over the road.
    View attachment 52760

    The glorious day passed as quick as any rider can say "a copper behind that bush!", and it was time to say our goodbyes...

    View attachment 52763

    However not before NosohNosoh fed my insationable wish for collecting photos of large objects....

    They call it the large Gladysdale apple; to be nice, I'll call it a large "cherry" :p
    View attachment 52761
    Thanks a million NosohNosoh !!!! :joyful:(y)

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