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me & old pac

  1. My first adventure on my Ls was last Sunday (10 Aug 2014) out on old pac (blue VTR)
    Shadowing by a friend (black Fireblade) helped keep me out of trouble (as always, love your work! (y))...
    I wasn't fast through the turns but have to also say a big THANKS to any of you reading this that may have been out there at the same time... Every single rider was kind enough to give me the space and time to enjoy the ride...
    Can't wait to go again!!


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  1. hellcat
    Old Pac and no Shadow this time... Found myself enjoying the day even without the company and loved the sunny weather.... but still, there is something to be said for having a friend when you stop for a bite before turning back... maybe next time they'll be allowed out to play :p

    Now if only someone can tell me why I have a lovely sunburn (helmet markings) even after smothering on sunscreen & having a tinted visor I would appreciate it!

    Note to self: on sunny days.. re-apply sunscreen.. re-apply sunscreen.. re-apply sunscreen!