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Man ... or Machine?

  1. “Just call me Angel in the morning"

    He looked at her as she sat contemplating her next destination and asked "would you like to know my name?" She stopped; thinking for a moment she looked piercingly into his eyes and replied calmly “Not really, but if I decide I do, you will know"

    She could feel the heat of his hunger, stronger than that of her true love; and he, in turn, could feel her passion, it seeped from her very being like steam rising from a freshly boiled kettle – it excited him and he ached to know her name. He begged her to tell him.

    She simply stepped off her machine, stretched up on her toes and kissed him. At that moment, he could think of nothing else - he had to have her.

    But he never would, not really ... no-one ever had.

    (c) Scribblings of a Scattered Mind ~ Diantra 2014
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