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Lost riding Time

  1. Have a new R1200GS .Well Feb 2015 it was new.
    Had to have a new Hip put in last August and the Surgeon got tangled up with my Sciatic nerve and now cant move my right foot ,still after nearly 12 months .
    2 operations later and still no good .
    Just starting to ride again with a numb right foot ,bit hairy but with ABS all it has to do hold bike up when stopped.
    Bike has just got to 2000km. on it so still new.
    So thats why I have been quiet on Netrider .
    Plan is Tassie in January than accross to Perth later on in 2017 .
    Did a 450km ride last Sunday so I am getting back into it slowly.
    Cheers to all.
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  1. Cster
    Quite a story Doug, but as you show we can get around most things.