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Longreach (QLD) to Porcupine Gorge National Park.

By dobbo, Sep 6, 2016 | Updated: Sep 6, 2016 | |
  1. Day 5 (Sun): Longreach to Porcupine Gorge Nat Park. 427km.
    After a poor nights sleep, due to roosters crowing since 3am, I packed up camp and headed into Longreach, for a coffee and breakfast at the bakery.
    Heading for Muttaburra, 60km of tar + 60km of Dirt, arriving to check out the 'Muttaburrasaurus'
    A dinosaur fossil found in 1963, by a local farmer.
    PICT0844.JPG PICT0843.JPG

    After a short stay in Muttaburra, it was 214km to Hughenden. This particular road was mentally challenging, dodging solid wheel ruts left in the 'black clay' roads, gave me a few nervous moments. I'd hate to get stuck out here if rain fell.


    Arriving at Hughenden around 2pm, I gathered some info from the visitor centre about Porcupine Gorge Nat Pk, 75 km to the North of town.
    PICT0861.JPG PICT0860.JPG

    At Pyramid Rock campground, I carried out my regular minutes of bike maintenance, to find a cracked chain guard, so this was removed.
    PICT0862.JPG PICT0865.JPG

    Next morning I hiked down into the gorge, to take a dip at the base of Pyramid Rock. I spotted a school of small fish in the water, which had me wondering about crocs in the water???
    PICT0868.JPG PICT0872.JPG

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    Been riding since I was 10 years old.
    Dirt riding has been my main forte; however, this tar thing isn't too bad either.
    Current bikes, Suzuki DR650, Yamaha XJR1300 & a KTM 125sx.
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