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Long time no post

  1. Well it's been a long time since I posted anything in here, so I thought I should probably put on my big boy hat and write something.

    So, yeah, I got my licence in January. Big deal. I mean, at the time it was a huge deal, and if you're on your L plates, it should be a big deal for you too. For me now, it's a gnab gib. Geeks will get the reference.

    Since then, I've had an interesting eight months.

    I had a stack, and it was a decent one. Not an "ooh, I dropped my bike in the driveway because I'm a dill" stack, more of a "fcuk me, this bend is rated at 35 and I'm doing 70 shit fcuk shit lean harder don't grab the front brake shit I grabbed the brake *screeech* shit SMACK!" stack.

    I knocked myself out, spent some time in hospital, wrote the bike off and had to wait two months for a new one. Yeah, I'm an idiot, and I learnt a few things from that.

    What did I learn? One, cruisers aren't sport bikes. Two, pay attention to speed advisory signs if you're not that competent. Three... rabbits are scary. You had to be there, amiright @portagrug?

    Anyway, I got the new bike right around the same time the crappy weather set in, so I've pretty much spent my time doing the daily commute, because there's not been a lot of opportunity for any decent country rides. And that shits me.

    As it stands, I feel like I've become halfway decent at freeways, filtering, and general city traffic, but I yearn to get out there and enjoy some real sweepers and twisties, just not when it's pissing down, or when the roads are covered in shit because it was pissing down a little while ago.

    I've been out a couple of times in the twisties in the Dandenongs, but never felt quite right and I'm looking forward to proper spring weather so I can go play and enjoy myself again.

    And that's about it for now.


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  1. Portagrug
    Hehehehe.. especially 6 ft tall white rabbits in Tuxedos :)
      Gobberwart likes this.