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long distance

  1. well i took a long ride on the r6 the other day,
    and after an hour or two and one sore bum, with the thought of riding home. i decided i could use a 2cnd bike (ok 4th... if you include dirtys) and while the idea of the it motard is appealing....
    i thought why not use the logical part of the IT idea and buy a nice vintage tourer.

    my father has always said that if he got another bike it would be an FJ1200,
    however he has stated that he will never get another road bike. (rides a wr450f)

    so the next planed bike purchase (later rather then sooner :() is going to be a vintage bike that i can use for when i want to do a longer ride. like a day trip.

    top of the list is the fj1200

    and no i will not get rid of the r6...... its way too much fun, and fits me so well.
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