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Long distance rides in Aus.

  1. Background for the guys I will be riding with on the high country ride 0n 4-8 Feb.
    Have known Sir Ride a Lot for over a decade. I claim credit for getting him 'on the saddle' & for his first Tassie ride( my favourite palce to ride, which I like to visit regularly).
    I've been riding for 45 years (on & off!). My longest distance rides have been on a BMW R1150GS, Put 100,000 K on that bike. (Had a Honda VF 1000 before that - did 80,000K's on that one).
    I did a run across the Nullabor to Norseman/Kalgoorlie, turning inland & a 3 day hell ride to Uluru over the bulldust, then to Alice Springs, Coober Pedy & back to Melbourne . Followed that up with a ride to Cooktown via the Daintree.
    Wasn't retired at that time & didn't have time to get up to the top of Cape York. May have to do that trip in my Fourbie as I sold the GS and bought a BMW R11500RT, which I still own. I've put 70,000 K's on this bike, and it has never missed a beat.
    My distance riding partner from Coonabarrabran NSW has decide to steer clear of bikes for a while. He was a few hours ride out of Port Augusta heading to the Alice when he hit 2 emus at 100KPH on his BMW 100 series. He's just stopped getting around via wheechair after fractured ankle & shoulder and a number of skin grafts. His beemer was a right off.
    Looking forward to a 5 day ride, which I haven't done this summer.
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  1. racer30
    Hey - so basically I just got paid out from work and am a bit pissed off, live in Melbourne, have a mate in Sydney who said lets go for a ride and am thinking of jumping on my bike - Suzuki Bandit 1200 and riding Melbourne to Sydney to meet up with him for a few days - I want it to be interesting though and am not in a massive hurry, any ideas of a nice way to go? say take 3 days or so