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Little wins :)

  1. You know I'm sure its not meant to be fun when you get nicely through the hectic green light right turn (no turn arrow at this one, which makes it the lesser of two evils) onto one of the main arterials at rush hour - nimbly enough to let the car behind you turn too - whack it up swiftly through the gears to pace, spend a whole 30 seconds rinsing 4th then run into a tailback stretching right through the underpass so slow you have to negotiate the downward slope in 1st (on June, that's slow) keeping very aware of the walls of death on all four sides while maintaining stop (well, balance) -start speed and then hear sirens, so check your mirrors and see the blue & reds heading downhill, so all shuffle over into the narrow shoulder, still maintaining 5kph without wobbles and a decent buffer around you and definitely between you and the ubiquitous w*nk*r in the ute who decides he doesn't quite want to take his place unless he has to so is slightly ahead but to your right, angling in but not pulling in (muttering in your lid "so are you cutting in on me or not, t*sspot?") then heading uphill again and thinking second might actually be a go as the ambulance passes and impatient d*k*ds peel off to catch its wake, then hitting the crawling merge traffic from the left knowing you're turning left in a coupla hundred metres but there's a bus stop complete with bus just before it....
    But then you see the bus indicate, check the not-lane to your left, check behind yo, see no idiots heading up the inside, peel off early for a very cheeky extra little swiftie, the bus moves out of your way at exactly the right pace and you get around in a graceful arc then whack it up to speed again and give yourself a little mental hi-5 for all that... It kinda is. :happy: Its even pretty satisfying to listen to your bike tick as she cools down in the garden afterwards.

    Oh the small joys of being a newbie. ;)

    I nearly posted this pic in the 'whats been done to your bike today' thread, but thought they might not appreciate my self-deprecating sense of mischief :p


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    Erm. Female. Newbie. Read the rest, you'll get to know me.
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  1. Cster
    Lovely post, and love the sound of a cooling bike.
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    1. JuniperSachs
      :) Me too.
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