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Little old Adelaide

  1. Good day All,

    I have just moved back to Adelaide from Melbourne and wanted to know if there was a place everyone got together on the weekend like in Melbourne?

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  1. Memphis04
    Good day Eric,

    I'm keen all the time that I'm not working but being in the shipping game I'm luck to get one weekend off a month but when I do im on my bike.

    I will message you next time I go fo a ride and hopefully its 1 weekend off..

    I'm also going to find a place for riders to practice like the Melbourne crew do.
    They helped me so much when I just started riding and I think everyone should have the same opportunity.

    I found one place people practice but it's mostly Learners practicing wheelies.
    I don't agree that, learners need to master the basics especially with all the wankers on the road.

    Sorry for long reply short version I'm always keen for a ride and will let you next time I go

  2. Eric
    I am always keen for a ride, but I am away most weekends. I work trains from Adelaide to Perth, so I am either here or I am on track.
  3. Memphis04
    Thank you Valvoline.

    Have a good day