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Licence now Unrestricted...

  1. Friday - Finally... I have that all important little bit of paper that means I no longer have to display P plates.
    The ceremony to remove them was truly touching... :)

    I'm already now counting the hours down until the weekend... Fingers crossed the weather stays sunny!

    Saturday - Yes! The weather stayed sunny enough of the morning that I was able to get out a christen my bike with a great ride up Old Pac.

    I felt like such a learner again, such differences between the old 250 and the new 600 had me dealing with only having tippy toes to the tarmac, rapid new throttle response, much harder clutch action, and extreme braking capability... and then there was the whole improved handling that felt like I was sticking to the road so much better... pure pleasure!

    A great day out - I can't wait to head out again.
    hmmmm.... Photographers were out today... I wonder if there'll be a pic of me.... something to look out for in celebration :)
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