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By ibast, Jul 13, 2015 | |
  1. South Korea

    Probably may favourite country in Asia. As you would expect, the culture is a cross between Japanese and Chinese culture, although I would offend my Korean friends by saying that. I like the Korean people, even though they are the most frustrating hierarchical race on the planet (they could teach the Japanese and Germans lessons in this respect).

    Not to mention the fact that Korean women are gorgeous.

    The countryside is beautiful, but the funny thing is Korean people never drive anywhere. They live in the city and if they have to go to another city, they fly. This is despite it being a relatively small country. I’d personally like to go on a driving tour of Korean (I think motorccles are banned on motorways unfortunately and I’m not sure b-roads exist).

    Once again the food is great. They love their BBQ beef and pork and most meals are served with a dozen or so side dishes. It’s also a very safe place. I’m not sure if anyone has ever been mugged there.

    To top it all off they have Korglish, which provided some of the more amusing moments in my travels in Asia. I, personally, could live in Korea (and would love to do so), but my wife doesn’t want to live that close to North Korea, unfortunately.


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