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Kohiresa (Part Two)

By 69SIM, Aug 17, 2016 | Updated: Aug 19, 2016 | | |
Part two of "The story of Kohiresa"

  1. Part Two

    In the morning gently stirring,
    Stirring gently those that slumber,
    Waking slowly but quickly ready,
    Ready for the day becoming.

    Cerulean blue with burning orange,
    Two young souls are now a waiting,
    Waiting in the darkened cavern,
    Sunlight shining under the entry.

    Down the stairway two more arrive,
    Moving stately within the cavern,
    Suited up in cloth and leather,
    Darkened cloth and blackened leather.

    Sunlight full now is revealing,
    Revealing all the forms of colour,
    Colour black and blue and orange,
    Blackened leather makes colours bolder.

    Each one sits upon their dragon,
    Cold steel blue and bright burnt orange,
    Dragons fire and growl with power,
    Power ready to be unleashed.

    Off they fly these two riders,
    On their beast of pure delight,
    They ride as one each dragon tamer,
    Tamed yet never over controlled.

    Blissful pace they make they pathway,
    Moving through the scattered cages,
    Cages filled with the broken hearted,
    Angered at their own lack of freedom.

    Ignoring those outside their mindspace,
    The four as two move into the forest,
    Forest green and blurring rushing,
    Flowing rushing past their vision.

    Suddenly a change is noticed,
    Darkened roadway breaks away,
    Dusty rough and bumpy channels,
    Hazarding the riders control.

    Steeling minds and hands confidently,
    Steeling wills the channels away,
    Away they move towards safety,
    Trust is made into the riders.

    Hunger burns within the riders,
    Heated up within their leathers,
    Dragons too must drink and slumber,
    Lazing underneath the sunlight.

    Never stopping but endless riding,
    They dream of this as night approaches,
    Return they must to the comforts,
    Comforts keep them safe for another.

    Happy now are the dragons,
    Proved their worth towards the soulmates,
    Happy now are the riders,
    Souls are filled for another passing.


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  1. Andrew West
    Excellent 69SIM69SIM you're quite the cunning linguist ;)
      Valvoline likes this.
    1. 69SIM
      LOL! Wasn't it the infamous Doug Mulray who used say he was a "cunning stunt"? Always cracks me up.
      Andrew West likes this.
  2. Valvoline