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Kohiresa (Part One)

Part one of "The story of Kohiresa"

  1. Part One

    In the East the sun was rising,
    Casting rays between the branches,
    Rays of light that makes a shadow,
    That ripples lithely on the window.

    Golden sun alights the sleeping,
    Restless dreams play on the smiling,
    Dreams of wonder fleet so gently,
    At the edges of lulled perception.

    Creatures waken with hungered passion,
    Passions varied from each other,
    One is in the form of craving,
    Pestering the others into waking.

    One feels lazy and contented,
    Another too chases sleeping bliss,
    The fourth is restless for beginning,
    The day ahead full of promise.

    Arise they do at times varied,
    Famished bellies and minds are filled,
    Filled with all that will sustain them,
    Sustain them through the day of joy.

    One is restless ready to move on,
    Move on and out into the day,
    Patience is challenging in this morning,
    This morning of a new adventure.

    The man stands ready at the doorway,
    Eyes alight with fires of joy,
    Stomach light with anticipation,
    Of what is to come ahead.

    The woman smiles with her support,
    They make their way with much gladness,
    Both ready to be united,
    With the special one - Kohiresa

    Where she waits is cold but friendly,
    Soon she knows she is to depart,
    Leave the cold and join the daylight,
    Daylight warmth and light delight.

    Moving out from the place of coldness,
    Gently coaxed into the sunlight,
    Gleaming hue of steel cerulean,
    Glints proudly under the sunlight.

    Soft and flowing is her cover,
    Luscious curves sweetly adorn,
    Underneath though is heart of power,
    Strength for the one to be her partner.

    Like lightning flash across the ocean,
    Like forces pulling them closer in,
    The two fated meet with blissful nature,
    Encouraged by the loving woman.

    She sees the two and smile emphatic,
    She knows these two are mean to be,
    She does not lose her beloved soulmate,
    Her time will come soon she knows.

    The morning changes into noontime,
    The colours play across her sheen,
    The rays of sunshine on her carbon,
    Light up and warm her gently.

    Her heart is full of anticipation,
    His heart is nervous but singly ready,
    Her heart is sweetly quietly racing,
    He says the word and now they go.

    Free at last they move together,
    Like one creation made by nature,
    Agile motion with fury power,
    She's free to trust this rider.

    The woman smiles in wondered rapture,
    He knows her to be his soulmate,
    He is here by virtue of her,
    He cannot wait to be whole again.




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  1. fatbastard
    Kohiresa, that's what you get when you try to say "café racer" with a pair of chopsticks in your mouth isn't it ?

    Is this your new ride ? Very sexy.
      Valvoline, Sibi and 69SIM like this.
    1. 69SIM
      Haha pretty much yeah :)

      And yeah it is, thanks FB :)
    2. fatbastard
      Congratulations, it would move me to poetry too. The poetry was pretty good too mate. You're the only person I know apart from me to have used the word cerulean in a poem, at least who hasn't been dead for a hundred years :).
      Sibi and 69SIM like this.
  2. Valvoline
    Ps. Can't wait for Part 2! (y)
      69SIM likes this.
  3. Valvoline
    SHIBUMI !!!
    She's Shibumi to me... ;)

    If you don't claim it; I will!!
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Valvoline
      Fail!! Lol Shibui or Shibumi... You'll keep ;-)
    3. 69SIM
      So much for being a wordsmith then :(
    4. Valvoline

      69SIM likes this.
  4. Valvoline
    amazeballs Sim! Much savoured wordsmith :)

    Speaking of which... Is THIS your bike's new name??
      69SIM likes this.
    1. 69SIM
      Thanks Val :)

      As for the name, it's growing on me so maybe... You can run the Japanese Kanji though google translator to see what it says...
  5. Mouth
    Terrific. You're the author?
    1. 69SIM
      Thanks MouthMouth, yeah I wrote it :)
      Andrew West, Valvoline and Mouth like this.
  6. Andrew West
    Yeah it's ok I guess :giggle:
      69SIM likes this.