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Kinglake and beyond today with Brad

  1. Well, Bradley was at me again today to get out on the back of the bike, so off we went again to Kinglake and beyond. Was looking to avoid the real windy climb yesterday with Brad being new to the twisty's, and simply got lost :], so today, it was to Kinglake as I would normally take it, direct from the Metro Ring Road, via Diamond Creek. Brad loved it, had no issues with the corners, although the little CB400 would almost bottom out with the 2 of us on the bike. Suspension at its tightest, front and rears pumped up to 37 and 43PSI respectively. Certainly got to take it a tad slower round the corners with the extra weight, but still great fun. Stopped at Diamond Creek Macca's for a quick lunch, then off to Kinglake. Got held up by 2 cars 2/3 the way up, and insufficient power or balls to try and go past 2 up. Then on to Kinglake West and to Whittlesea. Stopped at Donnybrook Railway station to allow our backsides to gain back some feeling, with the added bonus that Brad got to see a Seymour bound Vline train. From there back via Mickleham to home. Top day weatherwise for a bike ride, and Bradley loved it.

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