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Keeping Warm - and hoping Jet is in the mood ...

  1. Rug up they said - thermals they said - neck warmer they said - it's all about the layers! What about telling me to get a bigger jacket!?! I feel like the Michelin Man! ha ha ha So I've taken Jet's blanket off for the first time in 3 weeks, rugged up so I don't get sick again, now for a coffee and a little prayer that he's in the mood to start and that I can roll him on the hill at the petrol station to get the hoo thingy on the whatsits ! I'm so mechanically minded - not! ha ha ha
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  1. cruisin4abruisin
    Ride safe today Diantra, hope Jets in the mood for the date. Pearler day up here, wish I was taking Bessie out again. She loves it.
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