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Kanga Banga at Wilsons Prom!

  1. *Warning a skippy was harmed in the making of this post*
    **Disclaimer; the blogger is going to rant a bit in this post**

    I can safely say that there is now a 3rd thing I hate about Victoria.
    1. Ridiculous weather.
    2. Melbourne Traffic.
    3. Suicidal skippies....

    Today started out as a gloriously un-rainy Melbournean day. Very crisp, very foggy. Without heated grips I resorted to desperate measures.... a hot water bottle down my top! :woot: It felt like I was pregnant, and also made me look more like an ompa loompa that ever.... but by god, was it brilliant!! :love:

    Headed into Wilsons Prom before all the throngs of day tripper cars got there. I was following oh-master of morning photography NosohNosoh and shadowing his every move, and drooling over every landscape, corner and vista.

    View attachment 53973 View attachment 53974 View attachment 53975

    All was going well, until just after the Mt Oberon turn off when not faster than 60km/hr out came killer skippy. Only 3 metres in front of my the f#c1%^ hoppy decided to jump out the shrub and hug me.
    This was my conversation for the next few seconds;
    • Great.
    • I'm f#ck3&.
    • DON"T swerve, hit it straight on.
    • If you so feel you wish to try as usesless at is will be, is do an emergency braking.
    • Oh look, it did feel like a speed bump!
    • Oh bugger, I'm doing the starfish on ashpalt into the oncoming side of the road.
    • Oh look! I can see my bike overtake me making sparks!
    • Don't roll, keep you head up.
    • Bugger. I'm rolling (I don't want to damage the helmet and Sena - they're friggin expensive!!).
    • Get off the road, get off the road.
    • Turn the bike off. Turn the bike off.
    • Get it off the road, get it off the road.
    • Get the skippy off the road. Get the skippy off the road.
    • Check to see if skippy is alive.
    • Oh, I hope NosohNosoh isn't crapp1ng his pants at seeing the stack....
    It's truly amazing HOW much goes through your head in such a short time. How aware you actually are, but how not aware you remember things. And no, your life doesn't flash before your mind's eye.

    I'm sorry Vic, I've decreased your skippy population by one (and I feel terrible about it).

    I was over the moon about my orange lawnmower turning on and working after such a road smooch. I was most surprised though simply HOW MUCH the thing can slide along the road!! wow. And this was only at about 60km/hr. I can now imagine what some of the motoGP riders feel like when they're hurtling down on the gravel pits.

    You don't think about the stack itself. You just focus on taking steps to get yourself out of the immediate situation so you're not in any further danger of oncoming vehicles. What steps you need to tak next to minimise damage and of course, you generally are more worried about the bike than yourself! lol

    Even though the day started out in an 'interesting' note; It was still a nice rest of the day making the best of the more sedate ride back towards Melbs. May as well make the best of it!! Got to see some of the nice green rolling GIppsland hills it's famous for and also see a big cock (The BIG pheasant) to end the day. I guess it was quite fitting ! :LOL:

    I am forever grateful for NosohNosoh's company & help with the lawnmower, and also helping me keep the day in a light manner and inkeeping with humour. Like I keep saying - beautiful landscapes is one thing; but it's usually the rider's company that goes along for the adventure that makes it more memorable.

    Needless to say too - ALWAYS GET GOOD QUALITY SAFETY RIDING GEAR. Because it will save your skin!!!
    (I don't however recommend using a hot water bottle down your top as an 'air bag', but i'm SO glad it didn't bust on me!) hahah:ROFLMAO:

    I now don't know exactly what's going to happen in regards to repairs to the bike, although it was mostly superficial, there's enough that it could potentially be written off and there goes the rest of me 'tour' of Aust.... i'm hopping things will be a bit cleared on Monday when the lawnmower gets assessed by KTM.
    View attachment 53976 View attachment 53977 View attachment 53978 View attachment 53979

    I 'survived' photo. View attachment 53980

    View attachment 53981
    I Watch this space....

    About Author

    The energy of a cut's lizard tail,
    The passion of a Spaniard at motoGP,
    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)
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  1. Berty
    Glad to hear you're ok Viv, not too sore this morning? Bummer about the bike, I hope it gets sorted quickly. xx
      Valvoline and chilliman64 like this.
  2. kate
    Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your bike but glad you are OK. Credit to your riding - I hope I'll be able to handle my sticky situations with such a level head and get straight back on the bike! Given that I am about to buy all of my safety gear in Melbourne next week, this is a good reminder that I need the best I can afford.

    It's funny how our brains seem to process things in slow motion in these sort of situations. Now that I know you are OK, can I say how funny it is that one of your first thoughts was not to damage your expensive gear! Definitely something that would have crossed my mind too!

    It might sound strange but I find hearing about riders mishaps is quite helpful to learn more about what to do in these kind of situations and think about how I can better prepare myself... and ultimately, to always expect the unexpected. Damn skippy!

    I hope you'll be able to get your bike sorted out and it won't put too much of a fizzer on your trip. Take care and let us know how you go!
      Valvoline and chilliman64 like this.
  3. chilliman64
    poor Skip but I'm glad you're ok!
      Valvoline likes this.