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just a place to blather...

  1. ... about what you like and what you'd change with your Honda V4


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  1. manwell
    My old VF1000F doesn't need anything changed, just fixed. Uses a bit of Oil. But it is just too nice to change.
  2. Galex
    I like my V4 (VFR800), but I'm getting close to the expensive service of the V-tec. (Gulp!)
  3. hornet
    somewhere Jason commented about his 2000 model 800, but his post seems to have disappeared...

    My VFR is an oldie; a 1995 model, but when I bought it it only had 78,000 kms on the clock over its 17 years, and seems to have been looked after very well. It has a K&N filter, polished rims, Ventura rack and the obligatory Staintune "Up" pipe for a lovely fruity sound. That was in April; it now has 88,000 kms on the clock, including a couple of brisk runs on The Putty Road.