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I've got those boots!

  1. And I want this game!


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  1. Diantra
    Oh damn, I sold the XBox when I left Shepparton - pppfffttt!
  2. Q3Arena
    Haha ;) Ok then. You need a computer you built your self for over $2,500 or over the counter for at least $4,000. Of course a PS3, PS4 or Xbox One would do the trick as well :)
  3. Q3Arena
    I'm a bit addicted to this game!! It is very buggy though. You can't play championship rounds because it corrupts your experience points. Sucks. I have played as far as I can until they patch it. I am going back and re racing tracks using different bikes :)

    It is also a very resource heavy game. I have a 4th Gen i5 4670K Haswell processor, 8GB RAM, I run off an SSD and my video is a NvidiaGTX 770 (reasonably medium to high end card) and I still can only play on medium settings!!