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It's all in the planning

It's my birthday this weekend and what better way to celebrate than a ride around the bay in a day...
  1. It's my birthday this weekend and what better way to celebrate than a ride around the bay in a day. The longest ride I've done was a learner group ride after Saturday practise which was roughly 300km and quite challenging physically and technically.

    The around the bay route is 250km and should take me 5 hours excluding the ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliffe (45min). I'm comfortable doing the distance although I am a little concerned about my lower back, the weather looks okay and roads look good.

    I'm looking for advice/tips for long (by my standards) solo rides. Here's what i'll be taking:
    • eBay puncture kit
    • lunch
    • drink bottle (water, does anyone suggest anything else?)
    • mobile phone charge pack
    • phone wall charger
    • headphones (possibly used for music but mainly for GPS navigation when i inevitably get lost)
    • isopropyl alcohol and microfibre cloth (for cleaning the visor)
    • 2 pairs of spare foam earplugs
    • eye wash
    • thermal jacket inner
    As the Spada can't take any baggage i'll be carrying the above in a backpack. i realise this isn't the best weight-distribution wise but it's too short notice to purchase a tank bag.

    From Home to Sorrento: https://goo.gl/maps/1YrwzsPfP6G2
    From Queenscliffe to Home via Bellarine & Princess Fwy

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  1. Valvoline
    Heya Gre03, well happy bday for the weekend :)
    Like any athlete, the more you practice the better you'll get & the more "ride fit" you'll feel. Shorter rides and building up at your own pace is good too.
    What you pack is more than ample for a day trip and certainly more prepared than most riders out there... Usually they take a bigger wallet and a phone to call for a pick up in case of breakdown! Lol

    If you say you have issues with your back, carrying a backpack on rides is not going to help much in the long run cause it pulls and puts more pressure on your shoulders. When you can invest in a tank bag, rack, or day bag or even one of those strap on bags for your cowling. When learning on the bike you'll feel much freer and relaxed without the weight.

    I also carry wet weather gear and a camera tripod strapped to the back rack with a bungy rope! Hehe
    Post photos up of your adventure in the "photos from your ride" thread! :)
    1. gre03
      Thanks Valvoline! funny i was actually reading through your multitude of blogs today, very interesting stuff, keep it up. After what b12mick said below i had a look online for tank and seat bags, definitely something to think about for the next ride.

      It's forecast for some rain in the morning but it should clear up by mid-day, but hey it's Melbourne :p
    2. b12mick
      Oh yes. Wet weather gear. I always have wet weather gear in the ventura bag.
  2. b12mick
    I can't think of anything else you'd need. I do think the wall charger for your phone is a little over kill.

    You say the Spada can't take baggage, is that because you don't have a rack fitted, or is there something stopping you from getting a rack for it? You can get seat bags, Andy Straps are apparently pretty good.
    1. gre03
      i agree it may be overkill but on my last cycle journey (~130km) having a dead phone in the middle of nowhere isn't fun.
      I intend to use GPS frequently, and it means i can charge everything on the ferry as well.

      There's nothing stopping me from fitting a rack, i would just need to make it.
    2. b12mick
      What year/model Spada is it? Given how popular they were/are, I'd be surprised if Ventura or GearSack don't have a rack to suit.
    3. b12mick
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  3. Dark Angel
    Mine too! Happy birthday!
    Water will be the best, though s little splash of lemon juice helps as well. Not a lot, just a little.
    It never hurts to throw in a muesli bar type snack as well. You never know what might happen and it will take up stuff all space.
    Take the time to get off the bike and stretch occasionally, your back will thank you. If you have one available, wear a kidney belt. They help support your core and reduce back fatigue more than you'd think.
    Other than that, have fun!!
    1. gre03
      Thanks Dark Angel! Happy Birthday!
      I completely forgot about snacks, i'll throw in a few muesli bars. I'll have a look online at some back-stretches, like toe-taps and arse stretches.
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