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it was a crap day... until perspective hilariously cleared it up for me.

By trd2000, Jan 18, 2014 | |
  1. so I've just been invited on a super secret aprilia ride on monday with photos and stuff... i'm heading towards macquarie pass through jambiru and LOVING the twisties... bike's being PERFECT... out of a tight left over a crest and on the throttle and banging through a couple of gears on the quickshift down hill... hard on the brakes, dropping gears with the arse wafting about as i make my way across to my tip in point for a hard right through a dip when SNAP... on the last downshift the clutch cable breaks, the slipper clutch does its job and i still get a nice smooth corner, but it's clear the days ride is over.... my clutch is gone.

    I'm left pondering how the hell i can get home, if i should stop somewhere, if i can avoid stopping for the next 100km or so and not drop below the 40kph stall point on my bike through macquarie pass, and will there be traffic lights??? I decide to try and get through the next couple of little towns with their traffic lights and roundabouts and try to slab it through wollongong.... then TRY and find a clutch cable and fit it before the monday departure.... it was gonna be tough it's already saturday arvo.

    The days crapness, however, was brought to an abrupt end on the climb out of wollongong... 2 squids on customised harleys blew by splitting traffic... they looked kind of comical with their pretty dirt bike looking helmets... they waved goodbye to one another and split up.... here's where perspective, made my day..

    as i passed the harley rider i tried to show him my flacid clutch lever... "stupid italian bike" I was thinking... suddenly the harley rider played with his lever, looked around his bike, and panicked looking, pulled over to the side of the road to see (presumably) what was wrong and what was falling off. I couldn't stop to tell him nothing was wrong or id be stuck there, all i could do was watch the dot in my mirror as he went from frantically going over his bike to drifting out of sight. cruelly, it made me chuckle, but i was helpless...

    I've become accustomed to silly italian build quality issues, i think my bike is either a tuesday bike or a thursday bike as the old ducati addage goes, a few nuts and bolts have rattled loose, occasionally i smell coolant due to seepage at the hose clamps, and its tuned to run so rich it uses twice the fuel of my car and regularly shoots flames out the exhaust (cool huh?).... but that sheer terror of my bike falling apart or breaking down that the poor harley rider displayed is foreign to me... it would seem that what i see as problems and worry about might not even rate from the perspective of someone with actual problems.
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