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It must be love love love ...

  1. From the taking over of my en-suite to the constantly in my thoughts ... he is the Man! Jet was happy to lose the L of his ass today ... and a fine ass it is I must say! ha ha ha

    First ride without L's, first ride with back protector ... and so glad to have at least got in a couple of hours with the ominous weather! A huge thank you to Dave for helping me with the tyres ... time to go shopping again after some more advice ... but, for now, I'm very grateful to know the tyres are at the pressure they should be - thank you Dave! :)

    Rode to Elwood on my own - decided to own my part of the road and it felt very cool :) Rode home on my own and stopped across the road to take a couple of snaps. Met a very friendly BMW 4WD at the traffic lights - he must've really liked my ass 'cos he could've reached out of the driver's window and touched it - and I was sitting in front of him not beside him! Ppppffffttt! But nothing was spoiling today ... not even a goose at the lights who continued to sit right up my ass to my driveway ... maybe he was transfixed! ha ha ha Well, who could blame him really!?! Baaahahahaha

    Isn't it funny how a couple of hours can make your whole weekend! :)
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