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In the Beginning

I bought the bike broken...
  1. So there was this friend, this friend loved to tinker, i loved to tinker. He owned a motorcycle, i owned a bicycle (or 2). i had exhausted my knowledge of bicycle mechanics so the next logical step was motorised bicycles. Along came the Spada

    i found it online for $730, i remember having very little sleep during the auction. Despite my 'friend' being devil's advocate I purchased the bike irrespective of it not starting (we even tried roll-starting down the sellers driveway but it just hopped and hopped).

    I volunteer at a bicycle charity so we dumped it at the workshop (using my friends truck) and there it sat for a good month or two. Every man and his dog who came in had different ideas on how to fix it. My friend said he had a friend who's motorcycle mechanic, after what seemed like 6 months I got fed up of waiting on my friend's friend and got the bike towed to a motorcycle mechanic near my rental unit.

    Now this mechanic was a kind and sweet old bloke but bloody hell did he overcharge. It turned out the starter clutch had been bodged by the previous owner and the thing that makes the plugs spark off the starter was bent slightly out of range. A little elbow grease and $600 later it spurted into life, which i heard over the phone at work.

    After that it was a steady money pit. I went back to Jeff and got the full exhaust removed (i rattle can painted it) and installed for $110. Next on the list was tyres, it had original Dunlop arrowmax that were hard as a rock and square as a lego brick. To get the roadworthy Jeff had to change the front tyre to Pirelli Sport Demon so i got the rear changed to match at MMMTS (found here on NetRider).

    Then it was a case of rebuilding the carbs (it wouldn't rev smoothly past 9k rpm) which is a separate blog post in it's self.
    Cleaning the front and rear brake calipers took a few go's. the rear reservoir's screws wouldn't turn so i had to buy a second hand one from a ZX or something. The calipers were full of gunk (will upload photos) and cleaning them improved braking ten-fold.

    Here's a summary of works to-date:
    1. Starter clutch replaced
    2. New tyres
    3. carbs cleaned and resync-ed
    4. calipers cleaned and 1 new seal in front
    5. second hand seat (previous owner had DIY trimmed the old one)
    6. glued the tacho needle back on (UV had made it brittle, very common apparently)
    7. second hand JDM RHS switchblock (the one it came with was AUS which had the headlight jammed on)
    8. Aftermarket mirrors (from japan [japan.webike.net])
    9. new chain & sprockets
    10. a generous lathering of 'trim detailer' on all black trim
    11. VTR rear shock (old one had leaked and was a pogo stick)
    The list will continue...

    upcoming works:
    1. timing chain replacement (ordered parts)
    2. possible exhaust (if the old one rusts through)

    Thanks for reading!
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