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I'm Scared

  1. This seems like a ridiculous thing to post here, but I'm actually scared to take the next step. What's the next step? Well, for me it's riding my bike into work, which means Melbourne peak hour, which means... well that's scary for me. I'm not entirely sure what it is about that that's scary but something sure is.

    I've ridden my bike on a freeway many times so that's not the problem.

    I've ridden my bike in traffic many times, so that's not it either.

    Maybe I've never ridden my bike in among all the dickheads that I just KNOW are going to be driving in peak hour traffic in Melbourne after doing it for 20 years in a car. Yeah, that's probably it. I suppose I just need to bite the bullet and get on the bike and do it. Those bastards scare the crap out of me. You lot who do it every day are amazing.


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  1. Shiralee
    from a "country learner".... We've ridden down to Melbourne a couple of times now - down through the back (Mansfield/Yea/Lillydale area) and into the city. I can tell you - I'd much prefer being on the bike in the city - peak hour and all, than in a car. I figured on a bike I have more room on either side, than I do in a car. Only had 1 incident & that was recently, where a cager tried to be in the same lane as me while I was right beside his front passenger window. The first time I let him in, the second (a few metres up the road) I planted it... traffic stopped suddenly & I bumped into hubby's bike... oops ! No major damage, & we both remained upright...just 1 irate female rider !!! lol
  2. minglis
    where do you need to go in the city? That can be a big factor.

    My very first ride after getting my L's was a commute into work in the city... fun fun.... I picked up the bike on a Monday morning (after getting my L's on the Sunday) from Ferntree gully, then road, burwood hwy, east link, punt rd, toorak rd, st kilda road (work)... then commute home from there at the end of the day up st kilda rd, flinders street, spencer street etc... .. I DON'T recommend doing that, but, if you've got your skills up and running ok, then the commute should be doable. Just take it easy, allow plenty of time, and TRY to relax as much as you can.

    Good luck.
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  3. Pjcliffo
    By the way the p's test is pretty hard on a cruiser due to tight turns. You may be better to hire one of theirs. I did manage on the virago but with lots of practice.
  4. Pjcliffo
    I started riding at 60 on a virago cruiser. About to come off my p's and have bought a triumph street triple. I ride the virago to work most days in sydney peak hour traffic. The first time was scary but now I love it. Major highway is boring as the cars are packed in. I use a wide single lane windy road. At the bottle necks I slowly go up the left side as the road is fairly wide. I must pass about 300 cars and save 15 min per trip. Save lots on petrol and its fun. So have a go. Maybe do a practice when the traffic is lighter.
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  5. kRaZeD
    From one learner to (I'm assuming) another best way to do it is not think about it. Just do it. First day I rode into work was scary. Second day far less so. Third I nearly pooped my pants due to not paying enough attention. Havent had an issue since :)
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