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If you know anyone looking for a great track bike ...

  1. A friend has received sad news that he can no longer ride for quite some time due to injury and is regrettably selling his beloved track bike ... I said I would share it here in case there was anyone looking. I am very disappointed as he was going to be my coach at Broadford in the future (it's what he does) but, more than that, I want to help if I can as he is finding it difficult to see his love every day and know he can't ride ... this is his ad on Victorian Motorcycle Market. If you know anyone interested, please message me so that I can pass on the details - I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks all :)

    Regretful Sale. Selling my track bike.
    2009 GSXR 1000.
    184.7 RWHP - 110nm torque.

    Full Scorpion Exhaust.
    Hi flow air filter & oil filter
    PC5 and a few other things done.

    Can be road registered but I don't have road kit for it.

    New chain and sprockets front -1, rear stock.
    Faring kit from Cali Super Bikes in California.
    Tyres D211's two track sessions old.

    Please pm for further details and more photos. No tyre kickers please. Only serious buyers.
    Comes with tyre warmers, stands. Ready to hit the track.


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