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  1. This entry is about getting to know some of you if you are open to it. I have gone to Netrider practice a number of times in Elwood and still can only match a handful of people to their Avatar name. I would like to know more riders and I like to see who I am talking to so let's see who is happy to meet me - if anyone, ha ha ha So I'll go first ... I guess that's only fair ...

    Hi, I'm Dianne and I ride a Ninja 300 "Jet". I did my learners and license this year and am a little bit of a tortoise as far as riding goes, I still get nervous on Nepean Highway and when surrounded by cyclists on Beach Road but I am getting there little by little. I would dearly love to do a track day some time and also have the nerve to go on a group ride but I think I need to start small first. My first introduction to the generosity of a Netrider member was with calgarychriscalgarychris who took me around the back streets of St Kilda when I first got my L's. You were so patient and encouraging and I have never forgotten "the third eye" and "chicken wings" ha ha ha

    I have of course received advice from both Doug and Dave (who need no introduction)at Elwood practice and I am very grateful to both of them - thank you :) Aside from practice,I have done a ride with PetesulPetesul to Mordialloc along Beach Road and then back along Nepean Highway, it was an awesome experience for me! It took a while for me to stop shaking when we stopped for coffee but it was so worth it :) The next time I rode that route was with Nic (whose Avatar name I am not sure of - ha ha ha) and it was another wonderful experience for me - both the ride and the company and chat over coffee once again :) I want more of those experiences but everyone I seem to know who rides are far more experienced and off on group rides or track days. Woe is me - ha ha ha

    Outside of Jet I work in the real estate industry, live in St Kilda West and write poetry. I live vicariously through Facebook at times and have a writing page there. It took me a long time to start living my dream of riding because firstly, I was a single Mum and then I cared for my elderly Mum for a few years. I didn't want to risk leaving either of them without anyone to care for them if heaven forbid the worst should happen. My girl is now independent and my Mum is in high care ... there is only me to worry about now ... and Jet :)

    As far as motorcycles go, I would dearly love to learn how to look after my own bike and am still trying to organise some tuition on that score. I have taught myself to clean and lube the chain and to put air in the tyres - bigger feat for me than most could ever imagine! I am so not mechanically minded. I would love to experience a long ride but I know for now I get exhausted after 30 minutes at most and need a rest - something most experienced riders tend to scoff at but it is the reality for me, for now. I am itching to be good enough to do a track day - track days are my dream. And I developed an addiction to motorcycle gear but I've stopped now - no more room! ha ha ha

    And there you have it, a bit about the real me ... now to find some photos ... wave ... and hope I get to meet you :)
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  1. Rus Ler

    Here's me with a couple of local beauties who escorted me through their backyard - the Grampians
    I am now sans whiskers, just a winter coat
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  2. Rus Ler
    G'day Dianne, I'm Geoff, a dairyfarmer from South West Vic, use to ride dirt bikes in my youth then buying a house, farm, kids, etc. I ran out of time for much else for 24 years then some cash became available when a dairy factory I had a few shares in was taken over and we got paid out so my first stop was my local Suzuki shop and ordered a Boulevard C50T that I have been eyeing off for a couple of years. Favorite rides are Grampians or today did a run out to The 12 Apostles, pleasantly surprised how many (dare I say it) middle-aged women are riding be they newbies or old hands all I can say is "you go girls" you may think that cleaning your chain or checking tyres is just ho hum, but its something you couldn't do prior to Jet, girls (or others) who can't manage basis tasks and rely on others to do it become tiresome, so keep learning as you go, most knowledgeable people enjoy teaching willing students.
    Have to admire you learning to ride in the inner city, traffic freaks me out, had to ride along Princes Freeway and Western Ring Road a couple of weeks ago and was nervous about it but not much traffic so all good. I find country roads very relaxing and not as tiring so get out of the rat race and "head west young girl" and we can do a lap of the Grampians.
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