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Honda VTR250 Intro

  1. A brief overview of some of the upcoming modifications and rejuvenations planned for the bike, some cosmetic and some mechanical. It's a great bike when I think about it, and where I'm currently at in the realm of RE QRide business, I considered my options in terms of getting another/a new bike. Right now, I think the money would be better spent making her my own and then when I want to upgrade I'll be prepared with knowledge and hopefully some more skills (and NOT a finance debt right now).

    I will get pics of her as she stands soon. It did not come standard with a windshield, it currently has a screen from a Bandit which is black with gold pearl. I aim to stick with the Red/Black/Gold theme.

    Painting/Rust Treament/Polishing:
    - Frame
    - Swing Arm
    - Wheels
    - Lower Triple
    - Lower Fork Legs
    - Tank, Tail & Guard
    - Clutch/Engine Cover

    New Bits:
    - Exhaust (probably just muffler at this stage)
    - New Bar & Bar Ends
    - Levers
    - Mirrors
    - Indicators
    - Luggage Rack & Case
    - Tail Tidy
    - Radiator Guard

    - Timing
    - Fork Oil
    - Brake Flush & New Rotors
    - New Carby

    There's more but I can't remember right now.


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