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Helmet hair ... and I don't care ...

  1. Today was Day One of my license course ... it was cold, it was raining ... and it was awesome! Put a couple of new riders onto Netrider and they are excited :) Went home, changed, dining area became a chinese laundry to dry everything out for tomorrow, had a bite to eat and it was nap time. I always nap so soundly and so peacefully after riding ... if only I could find a guy that invoked the same kind of bliss! ha ha ha

    Anywho ... after my glorious deep sleep, I took a wander up the street and got to thinking "What did I learn today?" apart from the obvious practice required. And here it is ...

    "Happiness does not come from how you look ... but how you feel"

    What happened to make me realise this simple and obvious truth? Well, there were 2 females in the course today, myself and another. I rocked up feeling like a walrus ... skins, kevlar cargoes, boots, tshirt, jumper, winter jacket, gloves and a helmet that fits snug as a bug but produces the ever so glamorous helmet hair. My female colleague looked hot! Cute bubble helmet that when she took it off, she could just shake her hair and it was back to normal. Skin tight jeans, little weenie shoes and a skin tight lightweight leather jacket. Well don't I feel the oompa loompa! ha ha ha

    So the day began, a light sprinkling of rain and I couldn't have cared less. Girlfriend was starting to complain very early in the piece ... "I'm cold" ... "my helmet wobbles" ... "how much longer" We had only just started! ha ha ha The rain got worse and she became rather snitchy and miserable "I can't feel my feet" "I can't feel my fingers" "Are we finished yet!?!" and it spiralled downhill from there. I, on the other hand, had my walruss outfit keeping me warm and just wanted to keep going ... I was happy as a piggy in mud! ha ha ha

    So there you have it ... happiness is not always about how you look but it sure as hell is about how you feel!
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  1. NannyJulz
    You go girl!
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  2. cruisin4abruisin
    Haha great write up.
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