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Hello, Who can help me??

  1. Hello, Who can help me? I have a big favor to ask you.

    I have seen on the internet there is a new edition of the magazine "Australian Motor Cycle". It's The Spending 23 Jan. - 05 Feb. In there is an article written about Jeremy Burgess. I knew him well. I have always met him when I visited the race. The first time I met him in 1994 at Hockenheim. He's great.
    Is it possible that someone can send me this magazine. Unfortunately, there is not this magazine in Germany. I am also an avid motorcyclist. Fireblade 1000RR. I go every year about 10000km. In Germany, Spain, France or Italy. I visit ever year some Moto GP race. I have been three times in Australia. Phillip Island is fantastic. I will come back again.
    I have many pictures on Facebook (Jürgen Häse). Maybe you can help me. The expenses I will refund of course. I would be very happy.
    Perhaps it is possible. Thank you so much.
    See you
    My Adress: Juergen Haese
    Am Sternberg 1



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