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Gripped it n ripped it

  1. Ok, so I woke at five am.. (as you do) and thought about going back to sleep. Instead I geared up and walked the bike out of the shed and to the front. Placing the bike on the centre stand I ensured my helmet was secured and I then mounted the machine. Hitting the starter I realized how dry my mouth was. I rode up and out of my street, my gloved had bumping the horn button as I indicated. I laughed at my nervousness. I then realized my visor was up, with this rectified I then proceeded through town, which was rather busy for that hour I might add. I made it to the top end for my morning cup of Joe. After which I then rode the long way home. No incidents luckily. And now I am frozen solid, grinning like a fool. The bug has bitten me bad. Yes, dear reader, My name's Rick, and I am a motorcyclist. Finally.
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