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Got Wife out on Bike for only the second time, into the hills with Uncle Greg

  1. Well, another first for me. I finally managed to convince the better half to come for a Saturday ride into the hills last week. So off we went to meet Greg and crew at Roweville. She was pretty much shitting herself the whole trip on the freeway, just getting to the meet point. We still hadnt seen a corner to speak of. We headed off to Gembrook via the standard route, maybe 40km or so of gentle sweepers, and some tighter stuff. She had had enough by the time we got to Gembrook. Think she was too scared to take her hands of the bike, to slap me one around the ears. All in all, she did well. Never heard any swearing either via the Sena (y).

    We bailed at Gembrook, had a coffee, and then headed back via the curvy bits to Berwick to visit her cousin, before heading back home on the slab of South Eastern Freeway.

    Hopefully I'll get her out again soon... Said she'd like to go again :woot:
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  1. Diantra
    Get her on her own bike :) A constant riding buddy would be awesome and she will enjoy it more ... riding pillion has knobbies on it! ha ha ha