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Got out on the T200 Suzuki's today.

  1. Got out on the Suzuki's today. It was quite warm for a winters day at 17C. We actually had lots of bright sunshine. Had a bit of a run through the suburbs then along the coast. Had afternoon tea at the Grange Cafe then headed home. Both bikes didn't miss a beat :)

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  1. cruisin4abruisin
    "fun at a differnt pace" probably best sentence for which I have heard describing a classic bike. Brilliant. Agree 100% that any day on 2 wheels is a good day.
  2. Q3Arena
    Thanks guys, as you know any day on two wheels is a good one :) The little two strokes are fun and they teach me a bit of humility in that they are not super fast and they are not the latest and the greatest but we love them anyway :) It's fun at a different pace :)
  3. Diantra
    Sounds like a nice day :)
  4. cruisin4abruisin
    Very nice machines there.