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Gods are inside us and we are their constructs...

  1. No I havent been smoking the whacky backy... this is an extrapolation from a conversation i had with my mum a while back. I supposed that traffic has a memory and that the road/traffic system has become an organism in and of itself. For those who don't know my mother's a "philosopher", in that she lectures philosophy and is published and so such conversations aren't that unusual...

    ANYWAY, getting back to the matter at hand, I was pondering the parallels between traffic, and how humans created an organism, and whatever created us.... after all, so many people seem to believe in some sort of supreme omnipotent being... but the way i see it our creation of cities and road networks and farms and everything else is just a scaled up version of whatever created us...

    Cells came together and developed complex transport systems to supply nutrients and oxygen which is "burned" for energy... as the transport systems got better our extremities grew and became more sophisticated and specialised allowing us to pursue greater sources of nutrients etc.

    cells, which may be prayed upon or damaged by bacteria, build systems to utilise backteria to break down nutrients into more acceptable forms.... a little like we built farms, domesticated animals...some of them potentially dangerous... to turn grass into steaks and lamb chops

    cells create areas of speciality to address issues, livers, brains, bowels... a little like we group specialists in hospitals, schools, or garbage disposal...

    now i'm not saying that this is "cells" doing per say however It does make me wonder whether if there IS some divine being guiding things... perhaps it's more plausible that they exist within us... literally.

    this sort of leads me to wonder, what now?, we've created complex systems, organisms... cities, roads, professions etc etc.... are we gods? what defines conscousness? of course there's the saying "i think, therefore i am" but assuming we "think" with our brains... does a blood cell recognise that a brain "thinks" or would it just see it as a device, constructed for a purpose... like a computer...

    anyways its saturday and i'm off to practice, i just wanted to get my thoughts down.
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  1. mark57
    I think Sydney traffic might develop into a slime mold one day. Give the reaction times of some of the cagers out there, I'd say it's not too far off.
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