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Galavating around GC & Brissie

  1. IMG_0655.JPG Untitled-2 copy.
    It's always a hoot to ride with new riders, it's another opportunity to check out riding styles, levels and of course talk more about bikes and biking adventures / mis-adventures. The last few days has been just that getting to hear and know more about three NSW riders and it's also much fun hearing their particular thoughts on the riding roads I call my home patch.
    Even when you all ride together in a posse, you still manage to get differing stories, moments and perceptions. Such as one may have a skippy cross their path, or loosing you lightbulbs, someone else sees a lovely distant view or simply start sweating bullets when a certain yellow & black stingy hitchhiker manages to work their way into your helmet through the air vents while riding..! :nailbiting: It's these things that make each riding trip a mini adventure and makes it stick in your brain.
    For me, today certainly showed me (again) how wonderful it is to be on bigger bikes, and at times I just wanted to be a pillion to be ridden around just to soak the amazing vistas as they swooped by while nearly red-lining the lawnmower. He. He.

    HarbHarb, damedidamedi & inztigatorinztigator have certainly covered many kms of this patch of Oz in the best time of year. Apart from their welcome day, the rest has all been sunshine and beaut temps for their riding pleasure :geek: But all good things must come to and end, and today after a solid day on the saddle with them and CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster , was our final farewells.

    I will leave you with some random photos of your trip (with kms shared) and I hope we'll ride again sometime soon; you've all been a hoot...
    Best of luck to you three in your future riding adventures (y):happy:!
    See you round & ya'll come back soon! :joyful:
    IMG_0668.JPG IMG_0671.JPG

    About Author

    The energy of a cut's lizard tail,
    The passion of a Spaniard at motoGP,
    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)
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Recent Reviews

  1. inztigator
    Thanks for hosting the mob from the South!! Greatly appreciate the ride and great company! Will definitely be venturing up north for sure.
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  1. Cormanus
    Good work ValvolineValvoline. Looks like some good riding was had.
  2. b12mick
    Is galavating anything like salivating.......

    Nice pics though.....
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  3. XJ6N
    It looks like the weather has been just perfect for riding there. There is something to be said for being chauffeured so you can just look at the scenery. See, I'm already mentally prepared for "Seniors Coach Tours - in Air-Conditioned Comfort". Those floral displays are outstanding - I bet the perfume from some of them would have been too. Great photos as always, thanks for taking us along with you.
  4. kate
    Awesome pics and write up as always Viv. Picnic point looks like the sort of place I'd like to visit... that and it's got a super cool name. Looks like you covered a fair bit of ground today, how many kms all up? And how about that blue sky!!!!?? What a glorious day!
    1. Valvoline
      Yu'll have to ask damedidamedi , how many kms. I have sstopped counting really lol I only look a the fuel gauge line nowadays. I hope you get to do your massive trip soon gf!
      kate likes this.