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  1. Ok I will give this a go. I will read the book on sugar the sweet poison and see what it says.

    lets see if that will get my weight loss kick started again.


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  1. Aly
    Well of course. Its me.

    I wonder if I can tag MouthMouth and he can see what's going on
      Mouth likes this.
  2. Slow Coach
    Very important when I talk about you.
  3. Aly
    because what you say is important.

    Hope the ironman goes well.
  4. Slow Coach
    Why the hell do I seem to get so many multiple posts?
  5. Slow Coach
    Not great, but getting my ironman entry today has caused a refocus. Maybe this first positive thing can be the turning point for me and some other things will start to go my way.
  6. Aly
    aww thanks. That's next weeks task. I'd like to feel better again.

    How's your life going? Great I hope.
  7. Slow Coach
    But a sexy junkie. You can kick it again.
  8. Aly
    I fell off the wagon :( Damn you Hot Cross Buns and easter eggs. I was feeling so good off sugar too. Now I'm just junkie again :(