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First Impressions

  1. So we picked up the vstrom on Monday afternoon after a long ride to Perth, and a bit of a sore bum. Mrs Middo spent about 3 minutes getting used to the clutch and gears, and then we set off for our accommodation in Northern Perth. After a short break, we went shopping and then mixed it with the traffic, heading for dinner in Freo before an evening ride along the coastal strip.

    Tuesday morning, we headed home to Geraldton. A short stop in Jurien, and 400 Kms later, I had to remind Mrs Middo that we had to stop at home, and not continue to ride all day.

    Impressions: The vstrom is an awesome touring bike. It is so comfortable compared to a cruiser for long rides, and has plenty of power for overtaking. Fuel economy is good too. Mrs Middo reported no buffeting, and is insisting we buy a second one so I can go on long rides with her. She is already planning a trip to the red centre in 18 months time.
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  1. motobloke
    I had a K5 model 650 from new for 72000km. I think the straight back, 'sit up and beg' and pegs directly under you position is the most comfortable. That's why I had a Honda Transalp before, and a Yamaha TDM after, as all have similar riding posi. :peace: