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First Group Ride

  1. Whelp that was interesting.


    Ride with five turned to ride with ten, that was cool. Started of in good spirits and was really looking forward to it.


    By the second stop I wanted to die in a hole I was so embarrassed. Failed in front of everybody at a hill start and was the slowest person in the group. I was trying my hardest not to succumb to the pressure of speeding but I just had to let everyone go on ahead and keep putting along.

    Stopped for a coffee and nibble and some of the group were still together, all at the same cafe. Hardly said anything to anyone. I was VERY keen to get home.


    Second stage felt much better about it and blasted some very nice corners on surprisingly dry roads (my definition of blasting). I was mentally and emotionally in a ditch and just thought, stuff it. Ride now cry later. Now that I'm home I am gonna wind down and think about my riding. I think I've decided on what type of bike I want to upgrade to when I get my Rs next year.

    No more group rides for me just yet. I don't have the experience to make that fun. I am so fried.


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  1. Petesul
    A good effort I assure you. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Sometimes you are better off with a mentor, and doing a 1 on 1 ride, a mentor will go your speed, and give you some tips as well. Check out the mentor thread and ask if anybody is available to help in your area. I'm guessing you're not from Mexico (Victoria, south of the border), or someone here might help.
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  2. chillibutton
    Don't worry about it and don' try and keep up a pace tha's too fast. Just chill and do your learning in your own time. Doing a riding course can help, and if not, then an hour or two just practising basics like pulling off, figure 8's, cones (use tennis balls or just car parking marks) will get your basics coming right. Keeep it up!!
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  3. ljcoolio
    We'll done for trying I've been riding since August and haven't done a group ride yet. I'm worried they'll think they've bought their little sister along for the day. Having said that I think I need some more lessons or mentoring if I'm going to improve feeling like I've plateaued good luck with your journey hang in there