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First Full Day Out On The MT-07

  1. Managed to get 100 km in today. Can't complain seeing as though it is winter after all. A trip up into the Adelaide Hills followed by a run along the coast on the way home. Uneventful except for arriving at one corner a little hot and remembering I was on new rubber! All good though :)

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  1. cruisin4abruisin
    Bike looks the goods, looks like a good ride, glad the weather held out. Scrubbing in New tyres is always a touch hairy at times. Good work. Ride safe.
  2. Q3Arena
    Thanks gorgeous ;) I hope the weatherman is kind to you also. It's looking like a good day here but will get wet late afternoon / evening. LOL those multiple posts :) I least I can't accidentally miss when you post :)
  3. Diantra
    Hopefully this comment won't post a thousand times! Looks great Q3ArenaQ3Arena - I'm hoping to get out with Jet today, please bring on the sunshine Mr Weatherman :)