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First Commute.

  1. Well, I did it!
    After about a month or so of just putting around the backstreets on my bike after getting my L's, today was the inaugural commute to work via bike!
    I waited so long not because I was not confidant, but because I had use of a work car - which I now do not as we employed my new Boss.

    So after realizing that getting gear on over work clothes is actually quite an arduous task, I set off. Commute itself is a measly 5 minute ride, but it felt good to be on my bike so early in the day as opposed to rushing home from work in the cage to ride after work.

    This morning however I noticed that my petcock is dripping a bit of fuel. Not particularly surprising given the bike's age - but not something I really want to put the bike into the mechanics to be fixed, either. lol.


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