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First Blog Entry - Interesting week past

By Gooza, Apr 12, 2015 | |
  1. Well, here is my first blog. Might try to make a habit of this, just to keep the more pertinent memories alive.

    Last week, was in Phuket, hired a 125cc scooter, and the missus and I cruised around Phuket Island. Up to the Big Buda, across to Phuket Town Weekend Market, and then back to Karon Beach (Movenpick resort) via Patong.

    Was a great arvo, and was the first time ever Nancy has been pillion on a bike. She loved it, and the freedom.

    Also realised you cant lean a scooter over like my CB400, you grind the running boards on it :]

    In another week of firsts, finally got Nancy out on the back of my CB400. She did well. Complained that Phuket was better, as she doesn't like wearing a helmet ..... Or pants, or a jacket, or shoes. Likes the 30deg heat more.

    Got pulled over out front of Saturday practice yesterday for the first time ever for a license check with Bradley as pillion, promptly got so flustered I didn't see the BP, and rode another 3 k's up the road wondering where the hell I was, before chucking a u turn to get back to Elwood.

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