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Finally Test rode the Yamaha MT-07 Today.

By Q3Arena, Jun 6, 2015 | |
  1. Well I finally got organised and went and tested the MT-07 today. I went with my brother who wants to buy the MT-09 so it was good opportunity. The dealership got everything ready with little fuss and we were off. From the moment I started the bike I was impressed. It had an Akrapovic pipe on and the insert had been removed so it was loud. I don't think I could ride it like this all of the time though as it was annoying after a while.

    We pulled out of the dealership onto the main road and accelerated away. Wow this thing pulls strongly and right from the bottom of the rev range. It took a little getting used to the strong engine breaking at first but you quickly sort that out. The riding position was very upright but still relaxed. Everything was were it should be. I had heard that the instrument panel could be hard to read but I had no such problems. I found it clear, very easy to read and very informative. The bike handled like a dream. It just went were you pointed it. You just thought about it and next minute you were there.

    As you can probably figure out I have decided this is the bike for me. I am now just trying to settle on a colour and work out the timing for buying it. I have a couple of complications that are making the decision difficult. One is that I may be going to Malaysia to work in the beginning of August and I am not sure how long for! There is a chance it could be for a few years. On the plus side is that it will allow me to buy a lot of bikes once I get off of my L's. I guess I could buy it and freight it over with me? Decisions, decisions!!

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