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Dream Made Reality: 5 - Enter Sons of Anarchy

By Nour93, Jun 29, 2015 | |
  1. Welcome Back

    Now, from where I left off...
    The dream had faded and life had gone on. I was now living my life having had to let go of my dream

    Read on...

    In the midst of work and life we all look for something to entertain us.
    For me, that entertainment came in the form of a TV show called “Sons of Anarchy”
    My brother introduced me to it and after a few episodes I was hooked! Watching it made me remember how bad I had wanted a bike, but at this point in life I had already thought that that dream was dead. It was such a good show! It portrays the somewhat stereotypical life of a bikie. The drama and illegal activities most 1%’ers get involved in.
    but more than that it showed the brotherhood that only seems to exist with riders. Even socially like this site it’s a bunch of people from all walks of life. No hate or many arguments, just appreciating each other’s bikes, lending advice and help, & wanting to get together socially to ride together. One piece of machinery that seems to bond people in a way that that not much else can. Everyone has their differences but I have never before seen them put aside so quickly as when riders meet & talk. It made me remember the enthusiasm I had when I had wanted a bike and how it was all I could talk about. It was a bittersweet memory because in my mind I could no longer go down that road & be a part of that world…


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