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Dream Made Reality: 4 - Time Keeps On Slippin'

By Nour93, Mar 26, 2015 | |
  1. Welcome Back
    Now, from where I left off...
    The final Months of 2011, Id just finished school and I wanted to relocate to from NSW to VIC to start my adult life

    Read on...

    Towards the end of my stay in Melbourne before I would go back to Sydney for the rest of my things my dad decided to surprise me with a visit to Melbourne to discuss my living with my mother and other matters. It was then that my dad “let slip” my wanting a motorbike…
    i should mention that my mother’s nephew (my cousin) died in a motorbike accident in Egypt and that she is slightly unstable.
    She went ballistic. Screaming that such a thing would never happen under her roof and that if I did go ahead she’d smash it & if you had lived with my mother you would have done the same thing I did & believed her. I looked at my dad while she was ranting & raving, trying to ask him silently WHY he would do such a thing as tell her, only to see a little smile playing on his lips!
    Ohhhhh I realised what was happening. He was being petty. This was my dad’s way of telling me he wasn’t okay with me leaving and was having a vindictive moment.
    here I’ll cut the long version down a bit because it spans over the course of 2 years..
    I went back to Sydney briefly to move over the rest of my things & say my proper goodbyes to everyone just after ringing in 2012.
    I moved in with my brother & mum and time went on. Spent most of that year looking for a job.
    Completed a course in Preparatory English & Maths to prepare for the Police Exam.
    Moved from Northern Melbourne to the Western Suburbs.
    Bought my first car (1988 Holden Astra. It was a reliable little machine)
    October that year I got my first full time job as a Pawn Broker.
    Got my P’s in July 2013 (car).
    There were other things that happened in that time but this isn’t an autobiography of my life and so I’ll try to stick to the most related stuff.

    As life went on I started to forget more and more about seriously owning a bike until it just faded away like a long forgotten dream…

    To Be Continued...
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