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Dream Made Reality: 3 - Embers from a Flame

By Nour93, Mar 11, 2015 | |
  1. Welcome Back
    Now, from where I left off...
    After a long fruitless search & a lot of frustration we couldn't find a decent bike, and then to top it off I got into a massive argument with my dad who revealed that my birthday present was going to be a brand new Bike, but after being disrespectful that I could kiss that good bye.

    Read on..

    Months passed after our argument, my birthday came and went with celebration, and though my dad and I had long since made up and everything was good again, he'd kept his word that he would not buy me a bike. My dad is quirky like that. He won’t say things out of anger only to later take them back. Much as I respect that, I wasn't the biggest fan of it this time round back then.
    School went on and if there was anything I wanted to do outside of it, I had to take public transport or use my legs. Didn’t like it at first but after a while I got used to it.
    Time went on and eventually that feverish drive to own a bike subsided, more like a dull ache after a while, kinda like when you break up with someone you really like and hit that stage where you miss them and wish it had turned out differently..

    But after some time even that subsided and whenever the subject of motorbikes came up id look back with rose-tinted memories of what could have been.
    School ended & now I had to look at what I want to do life-wise; what I want to do for my working life, where I want to live etc. etc.
    Reason I was thinking about that second one is because though my dad, step mum, little sister, little brother, step brother, step sister & 90% of my friends lived in NSW, my mum, older Brother, my 3 little brothers & my cousins lived in VIC. I had for a while wanted to live in VIC but for the most part it was because of my older brother. As younger kids we had been through a lot of stuff together and we were always inseparable, closer than close and though the separation meant I didn’t get to see him as often it still hadn’t affected us. Really the problem was convincing my dad to let me go. I decided to go down for a visit after I finished school before the New Year. it was then while we were kicking back in the garage that I told my brother & cousin that I wanted to be a police officer. My cousin told me I should do it in VIC because it would be easier to get in & Melbourne was generally a better place to live. It didn’t take much, if anything, to convince me since I wanted to do it anyway. A few nights later I called my dad and told him. I focused on the career aspect of the argument to get through to him. It didn’t take all that much. He told me that he knew my visit to VIC wasn’t just a visit. It got a little emotional, something I absolutely suck at. He told me to go with his blessing, to focus and good luck. I got off the phone feeling a mixture of emotions; happy that I was gonna live in Melbourne. Sad that I would be leaving most everything I knew behind & nervous because my dad was always like a rock to me, I was leaving my parental shelter...


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