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Dream Made Reality: 2 - The Hunt

By Nour93, Feb 21, 2015 | |
  1. Welcome Back!
    Now, from where I left off...
    I'd just passed my Learners & had my first Hit of riding and, like a crack addict, I wanted more as soon as I could!
    I was now on the hunt for my Kawasaki Ninja 250r.

    Read on..
    after passing my learners I spent every spare moment I had either on the internet searching up bikes, bike related stuff (accessories, care, tips & tricks etc) or I was out at bike shops shopping and talking to experienced riders to see their takes on these matters and to just talk some s$%! about bikes or reading up on the newest edition of my bike mag (cant remember the name).
    I was practically itching in my skin to get my bike and I wanted it now!
    i had every accessory i could want to stick on the thing already picked out and what gear i would buy for when i bought the bike.
    Most of my mates were getting tired because most of the time I only wanted to talk motorbikes, it was all I had on my mind.
    jumping on bike sales with my dad, we found a lot of Ninja 250's & a lot of them were pretty cheap compared to brand new prices. I should mention that i did want to get finance but all motorbike shops we went to we found that for someone my age, they wanted to charge 100% interest so that i would be paying double the value of a bike i knew i wasn't going to keep for that long.
    The only problem with these 2nd hand bikes were that almost every single one had been dropped at least once! it was like reading the same description over & over again; "Great Learners Bike, has damage to fairing from drop" "taken care of, minor scratches from drop" "has had a FEW drops"
    drop drop drop drop!
    Jesus Christ! did NO ONE know how to hold a bike up?!
    Days turned into weeks which turned into months until it was almost my 17th birthday and STILL NO BIKE!
    i was starting to get really frustrated now, though my dad was always patient & optimistic that we would soo find something.
    i still hadn't made any headway with my car License. my dad was still driving me up a wall (though i didn't say anything) and i had exams coming up and social events and all the other crap that a 17 year old needs and wants to do.
    i should also take this time to say that i wasn't actually a bad driver. my dad just made me realllllly uncomfortable, nervous & annoyed with his "teaching" & his mannerisms
    1 night a week before my birthday i got into an argument with my dad. it was stupid really, a few matters got brought into it including (and in no nice way) him being intolerable when i got in the drivers seat. in the end things got pretty heated until my dad yelled at me that my birthday present WAS going to be a brand new bike but i could kiss that goodbye.
    i should also mention that my dad very rarely lies, or says things just to hurt or goes back on his word, so for those of you thought any of the aforementioned or that maybe when he calmed down or was given time hed change his mind. nope.
    I tried to play it off like it wasn't a big deal, but we both knew that he had hit a VERY sore point. he knew that there was only one thing that would really hurt me, that would crush me, and that was taking away the thing i wanted more than anything.
    i walked away that day feeling like something had punched right through my chest and left a gaping hole in its place...

    To Be Continued


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